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I don't know if there really is a 'pee tape' or not, but this morning I watched Trump blow Putin.
rant n' rave

I'm flying today but this had to happen. Yeah, I know I said I'd stay away from this stuff. For the sake of my bum heart. Literally and figuratively. But c'mon. I love a good ventriloquist duo. This bitch is RAYMOND SHAW-ing like a mofo. What next? TELEFON?... And let me speak for the decent people of the world. We're biased. And we're right... I wonder if TRUMP tickles his balls. PUTIN's that is... Install an idiot as POTUS. Make your move globally... God bless humor... Oh, you sly FOXes... The best part of the summit... Just want to remind you of this... When everyone quits. BANNON back. More RUSSIAN operatives in the WHITE HOUSE?... Every surveillance microwave in the world was pointed at Putin-Trump during their private meeting. One upside? They may not be able to procreate anymore after the summit. Their balls will be fried... Read the whole f***in' thing... ANDERSON COOPER... JOHN BRENNAN... BILL KRISTOL... MITT ROMNEY... COLBERT... ABBY HUNTSMAN... STEVE SCHMIDT... MOLLY MCKEW... And Molly called it a while back... And so did 60 MINUTES in this must-watch segment... When does LOU DOBBS fly back to Jupiter?... EMMETT FITZ-HUME is better at the press conference than this moron... What is the MAGNITSKY ACT?... Let's play a game. Name the GOP leaders or administration officials condemning him? Cannot be dying or retiring... The GOP is a bunch of p***ies. Trump can't fight them all. But they are too cowardly to fight him, Leadership responsible for the fall of this country. They haven't normalized Trump. This is his normal. No surprises. They've normalized being a bunch of p***ies... We will return to our regularly scheduled curation tomorrow... Happy Birthday to STEVE ROSENBAUM, CHRIS M. WILLIAMS, PETE DISTAD, and MICHAEL POLE.

Jason Hirschhorn, curator

July 17, 2018